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thinggs you should know before your next hotel stay

Ten things to know before your next hotel stay.

Whether you love them or hate them, everybody ends up staying at a hotel at some point in his or her life. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to make sure our stays are as enjoyable as possible? Of course, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Check the best way to guarantee a good stay and make your vacations better.

  1. You can get an upgrade just by arriving early
    Your chances of getting an upgrade increase if you arrive at the hotel earlier than required, when rooms are being prepared and inventoried for the day. If you get an accommodating desk agent, you just might be able to talk your way into a nicer room, provided that there are still open rooms.
  2. You might get a lower rate if you call
    Yes, sometimes discount sites can save you money — but not always. No matter where you find a rate online, always call the hotel directly for the best rate. Ask for a supervisor and explain that you have found a rate online, but wondered if they could offer a lower rate. Hotels pay commission to online booking sites, sometimes as much as 25 percent, so many will offer you a cheaper rate to book with them directly, if given the chance.
  3. Freebies are negotiable
    While they might try to charge you for additional water bottles or Wi-Fi, you may be able to secure these basic amenities for free simply by requesting them in advance. When you check out, review the bill to be sure you’ve been given what you were promised.
  4. More stars rating of Hotels don’t guarantee better service
    You can — and should — expect great service, regardless of the star rating of your hotel. The ratings indicate a difference in amenities, such as the size of room or number of outlets, not the quality of the service or the people who work there. The star rating from guests online is becoming more important than the official star rating system. If the hotel advertises a 4-star rating, but guests rate it one star—no one is going, resulting in loosing clients.
  5. You’re paying for Hotel location
    Proximity to landmarks, city centers and airports will cost you. You can save simply by choosing a comparable hotel that’s a little off the city. This is a good way to save some money, but you might also discover a part of the city that you would not have seen otherwise.
  6. You’re paying for Hotel name, too
    Try an independent boutique hotel instead of a big name chain. The majority of top-rated hotels in major destinations are not branded hotels, but local businesses. By choosing an independent hotel, you’ll also get more of the unique characteristics of the location.
  7. You can almost always get children’s portions
    If you’re traveling with children, check if the hotel offers children’s portions on the room service menu. If they don’t, simply ask them to make a child-size plate. Not only should they accommodate you, but they’ll likely give you a discount as well.
  8. You probably have a rotating staff of housekeepers
    If you’re staying in the same hotel for more than one night, there’s no guarantee you will have the same housekeeper each day.
  9. You can get a nicer service
    Now, we know you wouldn’t be rude to the front desk worker ordinarily; but there are plenty of people who would. Not only is this behavior is unethical, it’s also pretty stupid. After all, if you want to get the nicer rooms, special features, or even unexpected discounts, you don’t want to insult the person who can make those things happen for you. Sometimes, a friendly smile – or a nice tip! – is enough to net you a nicer room, comped beverages, and a generally more special stay.
  10. Know when to do your Hotel booking
    While it can be stressful to wait to book a hotel room for a trip you’re excited about, try to wait a little while! Wait until late afternoon or early evening – around 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. – because at that point in the day, the hotel will have fielded most of their calls for cancellations, transfers and re-bookings. They’ll be so eager to reach capacity on their reservations again, they’ll likely give you a better rate!
  • September 17, 2020
  • Information
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